Discover the Outdoors Better with an Off-Road GPS System

If you are an adventure lover and enjoy exploring the outdoors, then you will know that an off-road GPS system is certainly required to keep you on track. With the natural beauty of Australian landscapes, the use of a GPS system ensures you know your bearings when taking the road less travelled and can easily navigate your way back.

When looking for a reliable off-road GPS system, it is important to be aware of the features and potential add-ons that come with the system of choice. An advanced off-road GPS system should include capabilities for:

Topographic Mapping

In addition to street mapping, topographic maps are essential for traveling. These types of maps provide detailed representations of landscape features, from urban developments and infrastructure such as railways, to natural terrains such as lakes and rivers.
These types of maps allow drivers to navigate their way with confidence and locate where they are, where they want to go and the best way to get there, with ease.
The Polaris All-Road GPS is built for adventure! With Hema Maps off-road maps as an included feature, this unit is the perfect travel companion for Australian outdoor adventures.

Points of Interest

Being aware of the nearest campsites, caravan parks and even natural landmarks is essential for your adventure. As well as providing convenience, off-road maps should also be able to display the nearest rest, leisure and camping areas, as well as petrol stations- even if they are kilometres away. The inclusion of inbuilt maps featuring these points of interest is essential in selecting your next GPS system.
For systems that do not yet have this integrated and are compatible, Hema Maps is the perfect complement to an in-dash unit. Available at Polaris, this add on feature works an exceptional extra to ensure that the Polaris GPS system you have, provides the features you need.

Customisation & Compatibility

Now more than ever, we want something customised to us. Through utilising resources that are specialised for certain vehicles and individual makes and models, the exclusivity of a product is enhanced. We understand that sometimes universal systems may benefit one vehicle, but not another, and that is why we have designed and developed customised products, such as:

Polaris Maxx for Toyota Hilux
Polaris RW50/15 for Mazda BT-50

With products as such allowing for optional extras such as Hema Maps, their customisation and compatibility is amplified, making them the perfect addition to these vehicle makes.
At Polaris, we have a range of GPS systems that will allow our adventurists to experience a seamless escapade! Discovering the beauty of Australia, the assistance of an off-road GPS system provides the navigation reliability you need. View our full range here.