Dual Dash Camera

How many times have you been driving, had a close call and thought to yourself man I wish I had a dash camera?

It’s unfortunate that we normally decide to get a dash camera after we have been involved in an accident, normally cursing ourselves that we never got one installed in the first place.

Dash Cameras are an invaluable asset to your vehicle and help ease the insurance process if you are ever unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident. Not only that but it can help avoid arguments out on the road. In most cases, other drivers involved will normally keep quiet after being politely told that the whole accident was caught on camera.

Polaris have introduced a new Dual Dash Camera which not only records what is in front of you, but also includes a rear camera to record what is happening behind you. This is a great feature should anyone hit you from behind and drive off.

The Polaris dual dash camera comes standard with a 16GB SD card but will automatically loop over earlier recordings once the card has reached capacity. It also has a G sensor built in which means that if the front dash camera detects an accelerated rate of motion caused by sudden impact, it will lock the current footage so that it cannot be recorded over.

At only $185.00+P&H, have peace of mind while out on the road with the Polaris dual dash camera.

For more information or to order yours today give Polaris a call on 1300 555 14 or visit www.mypolaris.com.au