Head Up with the Digital HUD

The long awaited Polaris Digital Head-Up Display (HUD) unit has arrived and it’s taking the driving experience to a new level. We understand aftermarket vehicle accessories and understand just what drivers are after. The all new Digital HUD provides:

✓ Safety and security
✓ Simple installation for immediate use
✓ Universal compatibility

What are the main features?

The greatest advantage of the Digital HUD is that drivers can monitor their speed and check the time by looking directly at the mounted unit, rather than a reflection that could be affected by a sunny glare on some windscreens.

The top 3 features of the all new Digital HUD are:


Being an additional accessory, the HUD is suitable for all vehicle types thanks to its simple installation as a standalone smart device. This means whether you’re after a unit for your construction site ute, or your new small vehicle, this handy accessory is for you.


One of the safety benefits of the Digital HUD is that drivers do not have to take their eyes off the road. With the set up being efficiently installed on the windscreen, speed, time and any alerts are readily viewable within the driver’s vision.


One of the greatest features of the HUD is that it alerts drivers via audible warnings of any red light or speed cameras. This feature also extends to alerting drivers if they have exceeded a certain speed limit- set to the limit of their choice!

In addition to these features, the Digital HUD streams real-time data provided by Tom Tom. We’ve also put together a simple video for you to view, seeing the HUD in action.
View more here.