2017 Map Update Now Available

Polaris now have the 2017 map update for most of our in dash units and portable units.

Please note that the new update will include iGo software and Tom Tom mapping . Click here to download the map update form, fill it out and send it back to us along with the SD card from your unit.

The address to send the SD card back to is: Polaris, 283 Victoria Rd, Rydalmere, NSW, 2116

The cost of the map update is $165.00

You can purchase the update here 

Please see below the models that can be updated

 FR15-16 (15 – current Ford Ranger)

 RW50/15 (11 – current Mazda BT50)

 PID019R (Toyota Specific in dash unit)

 PID1624 (universal in dash unit)

 PID3619 (Toyota Specific In Dash unit)

 PID1621 (universal in dash unit)

PID262 (11-15 Ford Ranger)

PID182-A/PID3676(Puegeot4008 &Outlander)

FW-Captiva & 2 ( Holden Captiva series I)

 FW-Captiva 2 (Holden Captiva Series II)

 FW040E (Holden Cruze)

 NG308 (Puegeot 308)

NG3000 (Hyundai I-30)

NGXT101 (Nissan X-Trail)

NG7200 (Next Gen Toyota in dash)

NG7700 (Next Gen universal in dash)

NG488 (Next gen single din in dash)

NG8009 (Next gen Toyota Camry in dash)

 PID108-A (Hyundai Ix35 in dash unit)

 PID3041 (Mazda 6 in dash unit)

 PID3020 (Toyota Camry in dash)

PID3610 (Holden Cruze indash w/ CD player)

PID3657 (Honda CRV digital)


Portable units

5″ portable GPS

7″ portable GPS

ATD (Polaris All Terrain Device)

Units that can only be updated to 2013 mapping software

Below are the models that can only be updated to 2013 mapping due to our map supplier no longer supporting the firmware

 PID1615 (universal in dash)

Pol1606 (single din in dash unit)

PID3028 (Holden captiva/epica)

PID3035 (Mazda 3 in dash)

PID331 (Honda CRV analogue)

PID3119 (Toyota in dash)

PID30/SW (Toyota Camry unit)

PID3039 (Honda Accord in dash)

PID317 (Hyundai Santa Fe in dash)

PID3035 (Mazda CX-5 in dash unit)

Portable units

T50P (Polaris’ very first GPS)