Polaris Digital Head Up Display

Trying to keep to the speed limit can be a challenging task sometimes. How many times have you struggled to read your speedo or had to keep taking your eyes off the road to monitor your speed?

Polaris has the answer with their new Digital Head-up Display

The small module mounts on either your dashboard or windscreen and shows you what speed the vehicle is currently travelling at.

By having the speed displayed in the digital format in direct or peripheral vision makes for safer driving. Another great benefit of the Polaris Digital HUD is the fixed speed and red light camera audible alerts which warn you on approach.

This is another handy feature in lowering the risk of speeding fines and demerit points. The Digital HUD plugs straight into your 12-volt outlet and calculates the speed via GPS satellites which makes for a pretty accurate speed reading.

At only $129.00+P&H, the Polaris Digital HUD is a great add-on that can help you drive safer and potentially save you from speeding fines.

For more information or to order yours today give Polaris a call on 1300 555 14 or visit www.mypolaris.com.au