Top 3 Reasons You Need an In-Dash Unit

In-dash units are the one of the most innovative breakthroughs in technology today. Through modern features, sleek finishes and advanced attributes, their use has become highly dependant on by drivers and vehicles today.

Whether universal or specific to your vehicle make and model, in-dash units provide an abundance of features that make travel easier, more convenient and even more enjoyable.

What Makes In-Dash Units so Advanced?


Through their capabilities, in-dash units diverge drivers from from mobile phone usage to a safer option. Through Bluetooth connectivity, features such as playing music, answering a phone call, making a phone call, or listening to directions are enabled through an in-dash unit. With mobile phone use being one of the leading contributors to accidents on Australian roads, this feature provides an alternative, deterring less use. For instance, before driving, users can enter an address and begin their journey, being guided by the map feature of their in-dash unit rather than their phone.


Polaris in-dash units allow for additional extras such as Hema Maps off-road maps and Tom Tom street navigation, if not already included. Street navigation and off-road mapping provide greater travel safety and confidence for drivers. With modern technology, printed maps have become almost obsolete, as these new technological advancements allow drivers to automatically input an address and be guided through their journey. Furthermore, these navigation options go an extra mile with added bonuses such as locating Points of Interest.


Modern in-dash units are an entertainment unit in themselves. Android technology allows for the syncing of music apps such as Spotify and streaming videos through YouTube. Some of our other units have a built in CD/DVD player and USB connection, which are all made possible through the integration of an in dash unit. To make journeys more alive and add a touch of relaxation when needed or performance when needed, drivers are given the option to use in-dash units as a form of entertainment. Sometimes journeys, especially off-road, can be quite lengthy and tiresome so this added extra is yet another advantage.

Whether you are after a unit specific to your vehicle make and model such as our newly released Polaris Maxx for Toyota Hilux; or a universal system such as Universal Universal In Dash GPS Multimedia Unit these units make travel all the more desirable.

With a range of advanced products and optional extras available at Polaris, our team is ready to assist before making your next decision!

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