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If you have been driving for some time now, you can admit the introduction of sensors, reverse camera, head up displays and more were an exciting time for the car, caravan and vehicle industry in whole. At first, these were an option, and as their effectiveness and demand grew, they became a simple add on across vehicle makes and models.

Sensors and rear vision cameras are an addition most car or caravan owners highly value, that’s why the team at Polaris has a specially designed range to suit drivers.

Parking sensors act as aids for all types of vehicles. Being able to detect objects or obstructions within close proximity, sensors are valuable additions that allow for greater safety, higher alerts and a second set of sensory perceptions. For instance, if reversing, a sensor will easily make a beeping noise inside the car as it approaches closer and closer to an object while parking or reversing. Sensors alert drivers and often act as a preventative measure for safe driving in most instances.

Reverse cameras on the other hand, are like a visual representation of a sensor- showing the driver, rather than just alerting by sounds, any obstructions in the way. Reverse cameras give drivers a clearer idea of what is behind them, whether another vehicle, a wall or even a person.

At Polaris we offer both products in a range of models, and compatible across various vehicle types. Their main key stand out points if choosing between one or the other, are as below.

Why are sensors and reverse cameras essential?

For vehicles that are not equipped with these gadgets, installing a rear vision system or sensor has many advantages. For each, they are as follows:


  • Equipped with speakers to measure and alert drivers of nearby objects
  • The innovative technology allows for distance readout or more frequent beeps as the vehicle gets closer and closer to other vehicles or objects
  • Simple installation and provide protection through all weather and environmental conditions
  • Triggers warning sounds which help prevent collisions or accidents

Rear Vision Cameras

  • Drivers can clearly see what is behind them
  • Prevents any issues occurring as a result of blind spot
  • It leaves little room for judgement between your vehicle and its surroundings, such as cars in a carpark
  • It saves money and time by helping prevent minor collisions
  • Cameras are an additional form of safety measures
  • They are easy to install and maintain

As we can see, both add-ons have ample benefits and assist in allowing a safer experience for drivers. Whether you have a car, caravan, trailer, heavy vehicle or model of any sort, sensors and rear vision cameras boast abundant benefits. Complementing safe driving, they act as an additional instrument to provide a higher level of care.

Our range of vehicle accessories at Polaris aim to present drivers with the most suitable models for their vehicle type and commute.

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