10 Reasons why you need the Universal Maxx

10 Reasons why you need the Universal Maxx

1. The Universal Maxx has all your standard features.

Because the Universal Maxx replaces your current CD/Radio player, Polaris has ensured that you don’t lose any of your standard functionality. With features such as CD player, AM/FM radio, Bluetooth and USB inputs you can feel assured knowing that you still have access to all of your standard radio features.

2. The Universal Maxx comes with a reverse camera.

Yet to jump on the reverse camera bandwagon? Fear not as this unit comes standard with one. If you already have a factory reverse camera, we can try our best to integrate it and you can keep the Polaris camera as a spare or swap it with a front camera. Believe or not, reverse cameras save lives, especially with 4WD’s where there is limited visibility at the rear.

3. You can add more cameras.

Do you want to view what’s going on with the unpredictable terrain while you’re off road? Perfect! Because the Universal Maxx has a front camera input ready to go. Polaris can also add on different control boxes that will allow you to add other cameras such as a caravan camera that can be accessed via a simple switch on the dash.

4. You choose which maps the Universal Maxx comes with.

You get to choose whether you want street navigation or HEMA off road navigation at the time of purchase. Polaris will preload the mapping onto an SD card, which means you don’t need Internet coverage to navigate. All you need is a GPS satellite and a keen sense of adventure.

5. You can add Apple Carplay to the Universal Maxx.

Polaris sells an optional USB dongle that allows you to plug your IPhone in and use Apple Carplay. Carplay has been designed by Apple to allow you access to certain apps on your phone. With access to Apple maps, messages, music and more it makes for much safer driving.

6. You can customise the Universal Maxx unit to suit you

Just like your phone, the Universal Maxx will allow you to download all your favourite apps via the Google play store. Don’t want to use the maps that come preloaded? That’s fine, download your preferred mapping onto the unit, connect to wifi and navigate your way. Don’t like the look of the user interface? Download an app to change it. You can literally design this unit to suit your personality.

7. No more touching your phone while driving

With harsher penalties coming into force, you cannot afford to even touch your phone while you are driving (in NSW during double demerits, you will lose 10 points if you get caught using your phone). Before you set off on your adventure, connect to your personal hotspot or plug your phone into the Carplay dongle and everything you need is available to you on the Universal Maxx. Put your phone away and drive safely.

8. No matter how old your car, you can bring it into the 21st century with the Universal Maxx.

Love your old skool car but want to keep up to date with all the current technology? From being able to connect to Wi-Fi to navigating via HEMA off road maps and everything else in between, the Universal Maxx will give you all the cool up to date features you need for your travels.

9. You’ll look cool in front of your mates.

If anything, how good would it feel to show your mates the massive 10.1 inch screen in your car. They will wonder how the hell you got a screen that big in your car. Just in case you are wondering how the Universal Maxx fits, it is actually attached to a double din head unit that mounts flush. The screen is also adjustable to suit many different style dashes and to minimise glare issues.

10. The Universal Maxx is actually affordable.

The unit is only $895.00, yep you read that right, only $895.00! Plus if you want interest free repayments Polaris also offer a zipmoney  option.

To find out more about the Universal Maxx unit, visit https://www.polarisgps.com.au/product/polaris-universal-maxx/ or give Polaris a call on 1300 555 514.