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  • Factory Carplay Wireless Dongle


    Have you got factory Carplay in your car?

    How annoying is it, always having to plug your phone in every time you hop in the car?

    Say no more, Polaris have the answer!

    All you need to do is:

    • Have Genuine factory Carplay in your car (in other words, your head unit comes with Carplay standard from the car manufacturer)
    • Plug this dongle into your head unit via USB input
    • Connect your phone via Bluetooth to the wireless dongle
    • Walla! Enjoy your wireless Carplay

    Compatible vehicles with Carplay:

    • Acura 2017-2020
    • Alfa Romeo 2018-2020
    • Audi 2017-2019
    • Bentley 2017-2020
    • Borgward 2017-2019
    • Buick 2017-2019
    • Cadillac 2016-2020
    • Chevrolet 2016-2020
    • Chrysler 2017-2019
    • Citroen 2016-2019
    • Dodge 2017-2019
    • Ferrari 2016-2020
    • Ford 2017-2020
    • Genesis 2017-2020
    • GMC 2016-2019
    • Honda 2016-2020 (CR-V, Civic, HR-V, Clarity only)
    • Honda bikes 2018-2020
    • Hyundai 2015-2020
    • Jeep 2017-2020
    • Kia 2015-2020
    • Lincoln 2017-2020
    • Lexus 2019-2020
    • Mercedes-Benz 2016-2019
    • Maserati 2017-2020
    • Mazda 2018-2020
    • Opel 2016-2019
    • Peugeot 2017-2019
    • Porsche 2017-2019
    • RAM 2018-2019
    • Renault 2017-2019
    • Seat 2016-2019
    • Skoda 2016-2019
    • Toyota 2016-2020
    • Vauxhall 2016-2019
    • Volkswagen 2015-2020
    • Volvo 2016-2019


    • Some factory head unit’s require a software update (for example: Ford Sync 3 screens require the latest software update to work with this product).
    • It will not turn Android Auto into a wireless connection
    • Aftermarket head units not compatible
    Model No. KPL006
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  • Wireless Carplay / Wired Android Auto USB Dongle


    Add Wireless Apple Carplay or Wired Android Auto to compatible Android head units.

    This USB dongle will suit our Maxx & Luxx Range and most other aftermarket Android head units.

    Now you can keep up to date with the modern world without having to upgrade your vehicle. Fast, efficient and makes for safer driving.

    Wireless Apple Carplay for iPhones

    You can now have Wireless Carplay or you can still plug your phone into the dongle.

    Apple carplay includes phone, messages, maps and music (such as Apple or Spotify). Other apps include audiobooks and podcasts.

    Wired Android Auto for Android phones

    Android Auto includes phone, messages, google maps and music (such as iheartradio or Spotify). Other apps include Waze and whatsapp.

    Note: Carplay & Android Auto DOES NOT mirror your phone. We cannot control what apps appear on Apple carplay or Android Auto. Apps are subject to change and are only approved by Apple (creator of Carplay) & google (Creator of Android Auto).

    In The Box

    • USB Dongle
    Model No. USBdongle CP/AA
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