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  • Refurbished Mazda BT50 Upgrade for 2012-Current Models


    The Polaris Mazda BT50 GPS is the ultimate upgrade

    It fits 2011 – 2017* Mazda BT50’s perfectly

    The Polaris BT50 upgrade comes with a brand new fascia and new 8 inch screen.


    Your original button panel and air conditioning vents attach to the new fascia.


    Your steering wheel controls are retained and most of your original button panel is retained.


    *models it fits: 2011 – 2014 XT-GT models / 2015 – 2017 XT – XT-R models (if you have a 2015 or 2017 model, enquire with Polaris as to whether or not this unit will fit)

    *please also note that voice recognition feature is lost once the Polaris unit is fitted.

    The Polaris Mazda BT50 GPS integrates with your factory Radio

    The Mazda BT50 GPS is entirely plug and play and allows retention of your factory radio.

    It is completely plug and play

    There is absolutely no need to cut any cables which makes for an easy fit. If you want to see how simple it is, check out the user manual here

    It has Street Navigation 

    Navigate easily around town with the Tom Tom GPS. Powered by iGo primo which means user friendly software.


    Drive with confidence with clear spoken street names and lane guidance technology.


    Keep your speed in check and reduce the risk of speeding fines with over speed alerts. Also includes warning on approach of any fixed red light / speed camera’s


    Don’t know where you are but need to get to the nearest petrol station? Need to book a hotel close to your location? Fear not, the Polaris All Road GPS has over 500,000 points of interests.


    Want to be directed to Camps Australia locations? We can add the Camps Australia POIs for an extra $19.95

    For an extra $295.00 you can upgrade to HEMA Off Road maps

    Navigate off road with the award winning HEMA off road maps.


    Off Road maps can become be a lifesaver (literally). It is very easy to get lost while immersing yourself in Australia’s vast desert. Before you know it, you are lost and have run out of phone signal!


    The Polaris All Road GPS has a breadcrumbing feature which means it will track where you have been. This makes it so much easier to get back to your original destination.


    Navigate off road by adding waypoints which are points on the maps that help guide you to where you want to go.


    Look up destinations before heading there to plan your next adventure.


    It comes with 1:150K Australia wide topographical maps and you can purchase more detailed maps directly from GPS oz.

    It has bluetooth

    The Polaris Mazda BT50 GPS has built in Bluetooth for hands free calls


    Import your contacts


    Stream Audio via bluetooth

    You can listen to music on your iPhone

    You can plug your iPhone directly into the factory USB to listen to music

    The Polaris BT50 Upgrade comes with its own USB  

    Watch Videos, View photos and listen to audio with files loaded onto a USB disk.

    It comes standard with a reverse camera

    No more backing into things with a Polaris reverse camera.


    A Polaris reverse camera not only makes reversing a breeze but it ensures that you can see clearly behind your vehicle when reversing.


    The camera is a number plate mount style camera with guidelines to assist when reversing.


    Believe it or not but 11% of accidents involve collision while reversing. Most of the time this is due to poor visibility and miscalculation (Budget Direct, 2018). The more vehicles fitted with reverse cameras, the more chance that this figure will drop.

    You can add a Front Camera

    Adding a front camera might seem like a bit of an odd idea but it’s a great add on for Off Roading.


    The forward camera mounts on the front of the vehicle externally (normally near the number plate). It’s useful for keeping an eye on unpredictable terrain.

    You can add a trailer camera

    Whether you have a caravan, camper trailer or a horse float the Polaris all road gps will allow you to add another reverse camera onto your trailer.


    View the camera while driving and reversing.

    It has a 1 year warranty

    You can ensure that you have purchased the right product with Polaris because if anything goes wrong, you are covered with a 1 year warranty.

    Additional information

    Weight 4.00 kg

    120 degree large black infrared camera, 120 degree white round camera, 170 degree miniature camera, 170 degree number plate camera, Universal forward vision camera

    Model No. Refurb RW50/15
    $595.00+P+H Select options