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    • Isuzu Dmax/MU-X Caravan Camera Integration Kit


      Want to add a caravan camera to your Isuzu Dmax/MU-X

      Well look no further than our Isuzu caravan camera integration kit.

      This is a great option if you don’t want to add a second screen on your dash. Simply utilise your Dmax/MU-X screen instead

      Quick Overview

      • Add a camera to your caravan and view it on your Dmax/MU-X factory screen
      • Comes with a special module that allows you to plug in the second camera
      • Comes with a dash panel switch labelled caravan camera so it looks nice and neat
      • Comes with all the cabling required to fit to car and caravan, including our WOZA kit
      • Comes with a caravan camera of your choice.
      • Recommended that an Auto Electrician fit this kit otherwise your warranty may be limited. After purchasing this kit, Installation instructions will be sent directly to your nominated Auto Electrician
      • View the caravan camera anytime.

      Detailed Overview

      Which Isuzu models does this kit suit?

      • Isuzu Dmax with factory screen
      • Isuzu MU-X with factory screen

      The kit comes with a Caravan Camera

      Our White Round Camera is usually a very popular choice for mounting on the back of a caravan however you have the option of:

      How much cable does this kit come with?

      Isuzu Caravan Camera integration kit come with 4 lots of cables:

      7 metre extension cable – runs throughout the car.


      2 metre car side WOZA cable – plugs into the 7 metre extension cable and has a chrome socket on the other end that mounts on the back of the car.


      2.5 metre coil cable -curly cord sits between car and caravan


      10 metre caravan WOZA cable – Has a chrome socket on one end that mounts on the A frame and runs right to the end of the caravan where the caravan camera plugs into.

      What is a WOZA Kit and why do i need it?

      A WOZA kit is just another name for a Suzi coil kit. Think of the WOZA kit as an extension cable but it is broken up into 3 pieces so it can be installed into a car and trailer.



      We do not recommend normal extension cables to run from the car to the caravan as these cables are neither waterproof nor are they designed to be continuously unplugged.

      So how exactly will this kit work with my Isuzu screen?

      You will receive a dash panel switch that can be fitted nice and neatly into the dash:



      Simply push the caravan camera switch in any time you like and you can view the caravan camera on the factory head unit.


      Why do i need an Auto Electrician / Polaris to fit this kit?

      The main reason is because you are tapping into the factory head unit and someone with expertise should be fitting a kit like this. Should something happen to your factory head unit while trying to install, Polaris will not cover any costs incurred from damaging the head unit due to improper installation.

      Best to leave it to qualified Auto Electrician or Polaris to fit this particular kit for you.

      After purchasing this kit, Installation instructions will be sent directly to your nominated Auto Electrician

      How much would Polaris charge to fit this kit?

      We would charge $400.00 to fit this kit.

      Do you have a Zipmoney option?

      We sure do. For more information on how zipmoney works please visit

      In The box:

      • Integration module
      • Dash panel switch
      • 7 metre extension cable
      • WOZA kit
      • Caravan camera

      Please note: We will have to order in the integration box, please allow up to 10 working days.

      Additional information

      Caravan Camera

      120 degree Black Round infrared camera, 120 degree large black infrared camera, 120 degree white round camera

      $495.00+P+H Select options