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    • PXII Ford Ranger Caravan Cam Integration


      Add a Caravan camera into your PXII Factory Ford Ranger Head Unit.

      No need to add any more clutter to your dashboard when you can simply view your caravan camera  through your factory head unit.

      Quick Overview

      • Integration module can take up to 4 cameras
      • 1 RCA video output
      • Plug and play harness
      • All the cabling included including our professional caravan cable setup (standard Woza kit)
      • Caravan Camera included (choice of camera options available)
      • Can access the caravan camera at any time via toggle switch
      • Toggle switch options available (see more information below)
      • Factory Ford Camera will still work in reverse as normal
      • Will fit other select Ford vehicles (see below for models)

      Detailed Overview

      Integration module can actually take up to 4 cameras

      Whilst this specific kit only comes with one camera for your caravan, the module itself actually has 4 camera inputs. So later if you want to add more cameras, this kit gives you the flexibility to do so (different switches may be required for multiple cameras).

      We only program the module for one extra camera. If in the future you want to add more cameras, the module is USB programmable.

      It is plug and play

      No dismantling of the factory head unit is required which makes installing a breeze. It will come with a plug and play harness that will plug straight into all your existing wiring and head unit.

      You can view the caravan camera at anytime

      Yep that’s right, even while driving along to see what the traffic behind you is like. The kit will come with a switch that will allow you to simply turn the caravan camera on at any time you like (for more options on the switches, see below).

      Choose what type of switch you would like.

      We will supply a silver toggle switch that will have to be mounted somewhere on your dash with this kit.

      If you prefer a more factory look approach then we would recommend purchasing a Lightforce Switch fascia panel designed specifically for the PXII Ranger. We can then supply you a special switch that will slot into one of the spaces on this dash panel.

      Please be aware we do not sell this switch fascia panel and it will have to be sourced yourself but we can supply you the little switch that will go into the lightforce switch fascia panel. Alternatively we can just supply you a standard toggle switch if you do not want to purchase the extra switch fascia panel.

      You can choose which camera you want on the back of the caravan.

      When purchasing online, use the drop down menu for cameras to choose which camera you want the unit to come with.

      Options include:

      Your factory Reverse Camera will still work as normal

      Your Ford reverse camera will still work when you engage reverse so no need to worry about this function changing.

      What is a WOZA Kit and why do i need it?

      This kit will come standard with a WOZA kit so that you have enough cabling to get from the car to the caravan. It also allows for a more professional setup by having a curly cord running between your car and caravan.

      A WOZA kit is just another name for a Suzi coil kit. Think of the WOZA kit as an extension cable but it is broken up into 3 pieces so it can be installed into a car and trailer.



      We do not recommend normal extension cables to run from the car to the caravan as these cables are neither waterproof nor are they designed to be continuously unplugged.

      The Integration module will work in other ford Models.

      Other Ford models include:

      • Escape 2016 – 2018 (ZG)
      • Everest 2015 – 2016 (UA)
      • F Series 2015 – 2019 (13th gen)
      • Focus (incl XR5) 2016 – 2018 (LW)
      • Mondeo 2015 – 2019 (MD)
      • Mustang 2015 – 2017 (6th gen)
      • Super Duty (F Series) 2017 – 2019 (4th gen)

      In The Box

      • Ford Integration module
      • Wiring harness
      • RCA adaptor
      • 7 metre extension cable
      • WOZA kit
      • Caravan Camera





      Additional information

      Caravan Camera

      120 degree Black Round infrared camera, 120 degree large black infrared camera, 120 degree white round camera, 170 degree miniature camera, 170 degree number plate camera

      Ford Ranger Switch

      I will order a dash switch panel so please provide me a switch to suit, Standard toggle switch

      Model No. PX2fordvankit
      $695.00+P+H Select options