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    The ToyotaLUXX is built for Toyota

    The ToyotaLUXX is a 7″ In dash Android GPS unit. It will fit most Toyota vehicles with a Toyota size Double Din Radio/Screen (measurements: 205mm x 100mm).



    The Toyota vehicles we know it will fit are:

    Landcruiser 100 series 2002 and onwards (if your model is 2002, please check with Polaris)

    Landcruiser 200 series 2007 – 2011 (some of the higher end models with the big screen will not be suitable)

    Landcruiser 200 Series 2012 – 2015 (some of the higher end models with the big screen will not be suitable)

    Prado 120 series 2003 – 2009

    Prado 150 Series GX 2009 – 2013

    Prado 150 series (GXL) – 2009 – 2013 Fascia required

    Hilux 2005 – 2011

    Hilux 2012 – 2013

    FJ Cruiser 2007 – 2015

    Hiace 2004 – 2011

    Hiace 2012 >

    You choose which maps the Polaris ToyotaLUXX comes with.

    At the time of purchase you can choose either the Tom Tom street navigation or the HEMA off road maps. We will preload the mapping onto a micro SD card and load it into the unit. The preloaded maps do not require any internet connection for navigation.
    Please let us know at checkout in the notes section which maps you would like the unit to come with. If there are no notes, we will load the unit with Tom Tom street navigation.


    Want both maps on the unit? Simply tell us which maps you want standard and then order the additional maps:


    Tom Tom Street Navigation for Android – $295.00


    HEMA Off Road navigation for Android – $295.00

    The Tom Tom Maps now come with Latest Map Guarantee and One Free Update

    As of 13/6/2019, all of our Android head units now come with latest Map Guarantee and one year FREE map update.

    The unit comes preloaded with the Google maps app.

    You can choose to use the google maps app that comes as a standard feature but you will require internet connection to navigate. You can connect to WiFi or your phone’s personal hotspot for internet connectivity.

    It’s got all of your standard features.

    The ToyotaLUXX has AM/FM Radio, CD player and 2 USB inputs which is perfect for listening to music or watching your favourite movies/shows.

    It comes with bluetooth.

    The Toyota LUXX comes with Bluetooth built in for hands free phone calls, importing contacts and streaming music.

    The ToyotaLUXX is plug and play

    The ToyotaLUXX will plug straight into your vehicles wiring.

    The ToyotaLUXX comes standard with a Reverse Camera

    No more backing into things with a Polaris reverse camera.


    A Polaris reverse camera not only makes reversing a breeze but it ensures that you can see clearly behind your vehicle when reversing.


    Believe it or not but 11% of accidents involve collision while reversing. Most of the time this is due to poor visibility and miscalculation (Budget Direct, 2018). The more vehicles fitted with reverse cameras, the more chance that this figure will drop.

    You can add more cameras.

    The ToyotaLUXX has a front camera input ready to go which is great for keeping an eye out for any unpredictable terrain that could be dangerous or cause damage to your vehicle whilst off-roading.

    Front Camera – $150.00

    If you have a caravan or trailer you can also add a rear camera to the rear of it for safe reversing or to watch what is going on behind your caravan whilst driving in built up areas.
    The caravan/trailer kit comes with all the additional parts required including a professional cable kit with a curly cord that hangs in between the two vehicles.

    Caravan Camera Kit – $295.00

    You can add more apps onto the ToyotaLUXX

    Don’t like any of the navigation apps that we offer? Download your preferred mapping app via the google play store onto the ToyotaLUXX. Want to stream music via spotify? Download it straight onto the head unit, log in and sing until your hearts content. Change this unit to suit your interests and tastes.



    The screen size is 7 inch.

    Perfect size for a factory looking unit

    You can add CarPlay or Android Auto.

    We sell an add on dongle that will allow you to use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto (depending on the type of phone you have). Both apps were designed to let you use certain apps from your phone on the head unit for safer driving. Think of it as like an extension of your phone but limited to certain apps such as: maps, messages, music apps and podcasts.










    Carplay / Android Auto USB Dongle – $150.00

    Yes you can still use your IPhone even though it is an Android head unit.

    Even though the unit has android operating software, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use your iPhone with the ToyotaLUXX (and no you don’t need to buy the CarPlay dongle). Your iPhone will still connect via bluetooth for handsfree functionality and most of the apps that you use on your iPhone can be downloaded directly on the head unit itself. Apps such as Apple music, Spotify, Waze and much more can all be added to the ToyotaLUXX.

    Additional information


    Carplay/Android Auto USB dongle, HEMA Off Road Mapping, Tom Tom Street Mapping


    120 degree large black infrared camera, 120 degree white round camera, 170 degree miniature camera, 170 degree number plate camera, Universal forward vision camera

    Model No. ToyotaLUXX/Cam
    $795.00+P+H Select options