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3 Channel 4K Dash Camera

Available on backorder


4K 3 Channel Dash Cam

Available on backorder

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Introducing our state-of-the-art 3-channel 4K Dash Camera, designed to provide comprehensive recording and monitoring capabilities for your vehicle. This advanced dash camera offers unparalleled functionality, ensuring that you capture every crucial moment on the road.

Key Features:

  1. Triple Channel Recording: The 3-channel 4K Dash Camera records simultaneously in three crucial areas: the front of the vehicle, inside the cabin, and the external rear view. This comprehensive coverage ensures that you have a complete record of events during your journeys.
  2. External Rear Camera Mount: Easily attach the external rear camera to capture footage from behind your vehicle, adding an extra layer of security and visibility to your recordings.
  3. Dual Power Options: The dash camera includes both a hardwire cable for permanent installation and a car charger for convenient use on the go. Choose the power option that best suits your needs for continuous recording and peace of mind.
  4. Built-in WiFi: Connect to the camera via built-in WiFi and use the dedicated app to review and manage footage directly from your smartphone or tablet. This wireless connectivity enhances accessibility and allows for quick access to recorded videos.
  5. Integrated GPS: Benefit from built-in GPS functionality, which provides accurate location data and speed information overlayed on your footage. This feature adds valuable context to your recordings and is particularly useful for insurance claims or legal purposes.
  6. Secure Windscreen Mount: The dash camera securely attaches to your vehicle’s windscreen using high-quality 3M tape, ensuring a stable and durable mounting solution that withstands various driving conditions.
  7. Accident Preparedness: With its comprehensive recording capabilities and high-resolution 4K video quality, this dash camera is an essential tool to have in case of accidents or unexpected events on the road. It provides clear, detailed footage that can serve as crucial evidence in insurance claims or legal proceedings.

Quick Overview

  • 3 channel recording (front, inside cabin, external rear)
  • Rear camera with cable
  • Comes with car charger & hardwire cable
  • Micro SD Card included
  • 2″ LCD
  • Magnetic Suction mount with 3m tape
  • Built in GPS
  • Built in 5G WiFi
  • Retrieve footage via SD card or from the downloadable app
  • G Sensor
  • Motion Detection
  • Car Parking Mode
  • Time watermark

Experience peace of mind and enhanced safety on the road with our 3-channel 4K Dash Camera. From front-facing views to interior monitoring and rear coverage, this advanced device keeps you protected and informed during every journey.

Please note:

  • When recording with the external rear camera, the recording resolution will drop to 2K+1080P+1080P.
  • If you are only recording with the dash cam excluding the external rear camera it will record in 4K+1080P

Additional information

Weight 1.00 kg
Image Sensor

Sony IMX335

LCD Size

2" IPS Screen


2 Channel: 4K+1080P, 3 Channel: 2K+1080P+1080P




5G Built-In

SD Card Type

Class 10, Micro SD Card, Can take up to 256GB

Power Supply

12 Volt (Hardwire or car charger)