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5″ Reverse Caravan Camera Kit

5″ Reverse Caravan Camera Kit


Caravan reverse camera kit with dash mount 5″ monitor

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If you’re in the market for a reverse camera system for your caravan/trailer, then look no further than the ReverseVan kit. It comes with a 5″ dash-mounted monitor, a caravan camera, and all the cabling required to install it. This kit also comes with a professional caravan cabling kit which includes a curly cord that runs between the car and van to allow for easy connection/disconnection.

  • 5″ LCD
  • 2 camera inputs
  • 7 metre cable & WOZA kit included
  • Caravan camera of your choosing
  • Ability to add a car camera ($150.00)
  • Can be wired up to engage in reverse or for constant vision
  • 12/24 Volt
  • Dash mount

Additional information

Weight 2.30 kg


Display Method:


Operating Temperature

0° to 60°

Power Input

12-24 Volt

Video Form


Power Consumption


LCD Dimensions

(W) 10.6cm x (H) 6.2cm

Monitor Dimensions

(W) 14.2cm x (H) 9.8cm x (D) 2.5cm

Camera Inputs

2 camera inputs

Reverse camera input

Polaris 4 PIN DIN (female)

Trigger wires



Allows only 1 camera to be plugged in on trailer, Single WOZA kit – 2 metre (car side), 2.5m curly cord, 10 metre (trailer side)

Warranty Period

2 years from date of purchase, physical goods only

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend this particular kit for customers that want a reverse camera on the rear of a caravan, horse float, camper trailer or slide on camper.

  • 5” HD monitor
  • 7 metre power cable
  • Caravan Camera
  • Professional caravan/trailer cable kit (WOZA kit)
  • Dash Mount

The 5″ caravan reversing camera kit comes with a dash mounting bracket. There is no drilling required to mount the monitor, it simply adheres with 3m double sided tape. We also sell an optional suction bracket if you prefer to stick it to your windscreen.

The 5″ caravan reversing camera system has 2 camera inputs.

Yes you can add a car camera for an extra $150.00

The Caravan Reversing Camera System with a 5″ monitor includes five sets of cables:

  1. Short power cable: This cable powers the entire system and mounts underneath the dash.
  2. 7-metre extension camera cable: This cable runs to the back of the car.
  3. 2-metre car side WOZA cable: This cable plugs into the 7-meter extension cable and has a chrome socket on the other end that mounts on the back of the car.
  4. 2.5-metre coil cable: This curly cord sits between the car and caravan.
  5. 10-metre caravan WOZA cable: This cable has a chrome socket on one end that mounts on the A frame and runs right to the end of the caravan where the caravan camera plugs into it.

A WOZA kit is similar to a Suzi coil kit and is used as an extension cable for a car and trailer. However, the WOZA kit is split into three pieces for easier installation. We advise against using regular extension cables to connect your car and caravan, as they are not waterproof and not designed for frequent plugging and unplugging.

We will normally fit this monitor on the right hand side of the dash near the driver if there is enough room. Otherwise it will go into the centre pointing towards the driver.

Yes this is an option if you require. Just make sure your installer wires the power wires up to accessories power.

The system can be wired to function continuously, making it useful as a rear vision system. However, the camera’s 120-degree wide-angle lens isn’t optimal for long-distance viewing or providing accurate depth perception. Despite this, many of our customers have become accustomed to judging distance through experience.

For instance, suppose you see a car behind you on the monitor while driving. In that case, due to the wide-angle lens, the car may appear to be at a considerable distance, when in fact, it is much closer. You’ll need to adjust to this type of perception to estimate the car’s distance behind you.

If you want a more accurate rear vision camera, we recommend installing our dual camera system. It features a 120-degree angle lens suitable for reversing and a 45-degree angle lens for long-distance viewing.

The 5″ LCD monitor has sunshade built-in to reduce glare and improve visibility. However, at certain times of the day, the screen’s visibility may still be affected, which cannot be entirely avoided. Nevertheless, the monitor has visual settings like brightness, color, and contrast that you can adjust to adapt to different lighting conditions.

12/24 volt

Yes, most caravan manufacturers are more than happy to comply with your request. Some might charge a small fee to run the cabling and mount the camera but it is definitely worth it to get this part installed while your caravan is being built.

Although the system is not overly complicated, we would advise against attempting to install it into your caravan/trailer without professional assistance. However, the decision is ultimately up to you.

The installation process involves running the cables, disassembling your dash/trim, and finding a power source. If you feel confident in your abilities to perform these tasks, then you could potentially install the system yourself. However, if you’re uncertain, we recommend seeking assistance from a professional installer. We have a list of dealers available for your reference.

Yes we do provide installation at our workshop in Seven Hills. We charge $120 an hour for installation.