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7″ Reverse Camera Kit


Reverse camera kit with 7″ dash mount monitor



With the EV70, you can be sure that you will be reversing like a pro in no time. With a 7″ HD dash mounted monitor, 7 metres of cable and a camera of your choosing, our system is just what you need to have crystal clear vision while reversing.

  • 7″ LCD
  • 3 camera inputs
  • Polarised IPS screen
  • 7 metre cable included
  • Camera of your choosing
  • Can be wired up to engage in reverse or for constant vision
  • 12/24 Volt
  • Dash mount

Additional information

Weight 1.25 kg


Display Method:


Operating Temperature

-20° to 70°

Power Input

9-30 Volt

Video Form


Power Consumption


Camera Inputs

3 camera inputs

Reverse camera input

Polaris 4 PIN DIN (female)

Trigger wires

Yes – 3 trigger wires

Monitor Dimensions

(W) 18cm x (H) x 12cm x (D) 2.5cm

Frequently Asked Questions

This kit will suit all different types of vehicles but we would fit this kit mainly to 4WD’s.  Utes, Vans, motorhomes and SUV’s

Yes it will, however if you are looking for more of a rear vision system we would recommend our EV70DC kit 

  • 7” HD monitor
  • Power cable
  • 7 metre Extension cable
  • Reverse camera of your choice
  • Dash Mount

The EV70 Reversing camera kit comes with a dash mounting bracket. There is no drilling required to mount the monitor, it simply adheres with 3m double sided tape. We also sell an optional suction bracket if you prefer to stick it to your windscreen.

The EV70 reversing camera system has 3 camera inputs.

The EV70 reversing camera kit comes with a short power cable and a 7 metre extension cable

Yes this is an option if you require. Just make sure whoever is installing it wires the power wires up to accessories power.

Yes, the power cable has trigger wires available.

The 7″ LCD is polarised and has a sunshade built into the screen to limit the amount of glare that will obstruct the visibility of the screen. In saying this, there will be different times of the day that might affect the visibility of the screen that cannot be avoided. However, there are some visual settings such as, brightness, colour and contrast that can be adjusted to suit different lighting conditions.

The 7″ screen comes with a protective film and if you leave this on, you will be able to position the monitor so it can be seen when wearing polarized sunglasses. However once you take the film off, the polarisation in the monitor and the polarisation in your sunglasses will work against one another resulting in a black screen when wearing your polarised sunglasses.

If you have already removed the film, then we suggest purchasing an tablet style anti-glare film that will work as a barrier between the monitor and your sunglasses.

This kit will suit 12 or 24 volt vehicles

Unfortunately the wiring is different, if you are looking for a replacement monitor we would suggest our CM50LCD.

The CM50LCD will replace your older monitor without having to change any wiring.

The installation process is relatively simple, involving the identification of cable routing, dismantling of the dashboard, and locating a power source. If you feel confident in your ability to carry out these tasks, then you could install the system yourself. However, if you’re uncertain or require assistance, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1300 555 514, and we can recommend a professional installer for you.

Yes we can install at our workshop in Seven Hills. Our hourly rate is $120 an hour

With a two-year warranty, you can be confident that the product you have selected is backed by reliable support.

  • installed 7" monitor