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Aerpro Universal Steering Wheel Patch Lead


This patch lead is required if purchasing an Aerpro harness with canbus module to retain steering wheel controls



The Aerpro APUNIPL2 SWC Patch Lead is designed to suit most aftermarket head units. This patch lead is compatible with 3.5mm jack, single wire and 3-wire self-learn head units and is required when using an Aerpro Steering Wheel Control or Infodapter Interface to enable the steering wheel controls in the vehicle to work with the compatible aftermarket head unit.

Key 1, Key 2 & Ground wire is used for all Polaris head units with an Aerpro SWC or infoadaptor harness. These wires must be connected to Key 1, Key 2 & Ground wire on the Polaris universal ISO harness and then programmed in via wheelkey study.


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