Apple Carplay / Android Auto USB dongle

Model No. USBdongle CP/AA

Apple Carplay / Android Auto USB dongle

Model No. USBdongle CP/AA

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Add Apple Carplay or Android Auto to compatible Android head units.

This USB dongle will work with our Polaris Maxx and Universal Maxx head units.

Now you can keep up to date with the modern world without having to upgrade your vehicle. Fast, efficient and makes for safer driving.

Apple’s carplay includes phone, messages, maps and music (such as Apple or Spotify). Other apps include audiobooks and podcasts.

Android Auto includes phone, messages, google maps and music (such as Pandora or Spotify). Other apps include Waze and whatsapp.

In The Box

  • USB Dongle

List of compatible Android head units

You should be able to find more detailed information in your Android unit’s settings > about device


A10 Android-4.1
A20 Android-4.4
A33 Android-6.0
A63 Android-7.1
A64 Android-6.0


3066 Android-4.1
3188 Android-5.1
PX3 Android-6.0
PX5 Android-7.1
ATOM X3-C3230 Android-6.0


AC8217 Android Version all series
AC8227 Android Version all series
AC8317 Android Version all series

AC8327 Android Version all series


Snapdragon-S4 Android-4.0/4.4


I.MX535 Android-4.4
I.MX6 Android-4.2


Mst786 Android-4.1


  • Works with compatible Android head units (please see list in specifications)
  • Makes for safer driving
  • Car play or Android Auto available (dependant on the type of phone).
  • Easy installation: install an APK file onto your head unit and plug USB dongle into your head unit
  • Supports Siri & Ok Google (dependant on the type of phone).