Camps 10 Points of Interests

Model No. camps10

Camps 10 Points of Interests

Model No. camps10

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Add the Camps 10 locations as points on interest on our street navigation. Great addition to having the Camps 10 book and it means you don’t need to enter in the coordinates to navigate to a Camps 10 location.

As an added bonus, the Camps 10 POIs also include CARAVAN PARK 5 locations as well!


– 3 free updates (approx. 6 months apart)
– Caravan Park 5 Locations (premium caravan parks) – 2243 locations
– 5845 locations of free or low cost camping sites, day use sites and dump point locations    (up from 3900 in Camps 9)
– Updated symbols to increase readability on GPS

Simply purchase your Polaris GPS and add Camps 10 to cart and we will preload them onto the street navigation.

If you already have a unit and want to add Camps 10 after the fact, please contact GPS Oz

* Please note we will pass your email address onto a third party supplier so they can send your free updates.