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Head Up Display With Speed Camera Alerts

Head Up Display With Speed Camera Alerts


Head Up Display with speed camera alerts

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Never receive a speeding ticket again! The Polaris HUD plus is your new best friend, monitoring your accurate speed and alerting you when you’re approaching fixed speed cameras. It’s compact, fits right onto your dash, and is plug & play.

  • Clear, green, large LED numbers
  • Digits can be reflective (reflects onto your windscreen) or non reflective (read speed from device).
  • Auto brightness sensor built in
  • Has the option to also display the time
  • Audible warning for fixed speed & red light cameras
  • Preset 2 overspeed alerts
  • Easy installation – plugs into 12 volt outlet
  • Calculates speed via GPS satellites
  • Can be hardwired (optional extra)

Additional information

Weight 0.35 kg
Working voltage

9-30 Volts

Speed Displayed:


Cigarette lighter voltage

DC 12-24 Volt (5 volt Reducer built in)

Hardwire cable voltage

DC 12-24 Volt (5 Volt Reducer built in)

Data provided by


Working current


Operating Temperature

-20°C to 55°

Buzzer volume

≥75db, 100mm

Speed precision

1 km/h

GPS refresh rate

One time per second (1Hz)

Speed display range

0km/h – 199km/h


(L) 10.7cm x (H) 7cm x (W) 1.5cm


80 grams

Size of digits - Speed

(H) 2.5cm x (W) 1.4cm

Size of digits - Time

(H) 1.4cm x (W) 0.7cm

Volume level


Brightness level

1-5, Automatic

Preset speed alert 1

20km/h – 180km/h, 0 = Off (10 km/h increments)

Preset speed alert 2

20km/h – 180km/h, 0 = Off (10 km/h increments)

Frequently Asked Questions

The HUD PLUS is a small unit that mounts on your dashboard and reflects the speed up onto your windscreen. It simply plugs into the cigarette lighter and it calculates the speed via the GPS satellites. The HUD PLUS also has audible fixed speed and red light camera alerts built into it.

There are numerous benefits to using the HUD PLUS, including:

  • Reducing the risk of accidents by eliminating the need to constantly look away from the road to check your speed.
  • Lowering the likelihood of speeding fines, as the HUD PLUS displays your speed clearly and warns you of approaching fixed speed cameras.
  • Decreasing the chance of red light camera fines, as the device alerts you when you’re nearing a fixed red light camera.
  • Being perfect for those who have changed their tyre size and are unsure if their speedometer is accurate.
  • Being ideal for learner and P plate drivers who need to monitor their speed without taking their eyes off the road.
  • Being beneficial for individuals who struggle to read small numbers on their speedometer.
  • Being useful for classic or imported cars that display speed in miles per hour.

  • HUD plus unit
  • Reflective Film x 1
  • Adjustable mount x 1
  • Cigarette lighter adaptor x 1
  • Alcohol wipe x 1
  • Instruction manual

Rest assured the HUD already comes with 1 reflective film and 1 adjustable mount. The reason why we have listed them as an optional extra for purchase is if you want to easily move the HUD between 2 cars.

It calculates the speed via GPS satellites

Since the speed is determined through GPS satellites, it is highly probable that it is more precise than your vehicle’s speedometer. Typically, speedometers are calibrated with a margin of error.

One time per second (1Hz)

The HUD PLUS works out via satellites and coordinates when you are approaching fixed Speed and Red light cameras that are loaded within the data.


No, the warning is audible only

No you do not have to set anything up, just make sure that the voice is not muted. This can be easily done by lightly touching the set button.

The HUD PLUS will warn you approx. 190 metres on approach and then again at approx. 50 metres on approach.

The unit will actually ‘tell’ you and it will also advise what the current speed zone is.
For example if you are traveling in an 80km/h zone and you are approaching a speed camera it will say ‘Speed Camera in 190 metres, speed zone 80km’, it will then warn you again at approx 50 metres ‘Speed Camera in 50 metres, speed zone 80km

The unit will actually ‘tell’ you, for example when approaching a red light camera it will say ‘Red light camera in 190 metres‘ it will then warn you again at approx 50 metres ‘Red Light Camera in 50 metres’.

No, it will only warn you when you approach FIXED red light and speed cameras

We normally receive an update every year. To get the unit updated, you will need to send the HUD plus  back to Polaris and we will update it for you. The cost of the update is $25.00

Yes there is a setting to calibrate the HUD PLUS to match your speedo exactly. However you are missing out on the benefits of knowing what your actual speed is.

It does not have real time overspeed alerts however, you can set 2 preset speed alert warnings.

The unit will make a beep sound when you exceed the preset warning.

So for example if you wanted to set a warning at 80 km/h and 100km/h, the unit will beep once when you exceed 80km/h and beep twice when you exceed 100 km/h

Yes the HUD PLUS does display the time. It displays in white and the feature can be turned off. To turn the time display off, you simply long press the SET button.

If you have the new updated model that we started selling from January 2019 and onwards then you can hold down (long press) the UP ARROW touch button.

This setting is for anyone who doesn’t want it to reflect on the windscreen but simply wants to read the digits from the device itself.

Be careful though, this can easily be toggled between the 2 modes if you accidentally hold the up arrow down for too long. If you have done this by accident you may notice that it is showing “erratic” speed readings, however it is displaying the numbers in a reversed image and therefore looks as if the speed is erratic.

Yes we do have a hardwire option available, the cable is $22.00 which means that the 12/24 volt  power will be picked up from behind the dashboard.

Our hardwire cable has a 5 volt reducer built in so that when you power it to 12 volt, you do not cause any damage to the unit. The 5 volt reducer is built into the cigarette lighter section so when you cut this off, you are cutting off the reducer.

Yes we can, if you want us to hardwire it, it is $120.00.

If you just want us to set it up via the cigarette lighter, this is free of charge.

We will plug the unit in, mount the unit on the dashboard and apply the window tint for you.

As long as the HUD PLUS has been adjusted correctly to suit your windscreen, the HUD will display in sunlight with no problems. The window tint will also enhance the quality in sunlight.
Alternatively, if you have purchased a HUD plus from January 2019 and onwards then you can hold down (long press) the UP ARROW touch button to turn the display into a digital speedo. This means that you do not have to look at a reflection of the speed on the windscreen. You simply look directly at the unit to read the speed.

Yes you can clearly see the HUD PLUS at night, if the speed is too bright you can simply turn the brightness down.

The window tint is optional; some customers can see the speed perfectly fine without the window tint (except if you wear polarised sunglasses, please see question below relating to this). We suggest that you set it up without the window tint first and see how you find it.

You can still see the HUD PLUS perfectly fine when used in conjunction with the window tint, it does dim slightly but as long as the HUD PLUS has been adjusted to suit your windscreen you should have no problems.

Please Note: The above information is based from our own experience and customer feedback. Your experience with the Green HUD PLUS may differ due to individual differences and the fact that we all see colours differently.

If you wear polarised sunglasses a lot we would suggest to turn the display from reflective into non reflective.

Yes you can adjust the brightness up and down via the main menu on the HUD PLUS, or if you have the automatic brightness adjustment turned on, the unit will adjust accordingly.

Find a perfect spot to sit your HUD PLUS, plug it into the cigarette lighter and apply the window tint if you wish to use it.

For optimal installation of the tint, it is recommended to begin by peeling the tint away from its protective layer. Then, prepare a mixture of warm soapy water and apply it evenly onto the tint. This will allow for greater flexibility in positioning the tint onto your window, and allow you to easily adjust its placement until you are satisfied with its position. Once you have found the perfect spot, use a credit card or a similar card to smooth out any air bubbles and ensure a seamless finish.

To attach the HUD PLUS to your dashboard, we recommend using the included 3M double-sided tape. Prior to application, we suggest cleaning the area where you plan to mount the device with the included alcohol wipe to ensure that there is no dirt or grime that could affect the adhesive.

We suggest buying some Velcro and sticking it to the dash mat.

The HUD PLUS will suit any car. We understand that all windscreens are different shapes and sizes this is why the HUD PLUS sits on an adjustable mount so you can move it up and down to get the desired speed display.

Yes you can move it from vehicle to vehicle as it just plugs into the cigarette lighter. The HUD will slide off the adjustable mount and you can buy another mount and tint as an extra.

The dimensions of the unit are (L) 10.07cm x (H) 7cm x (W) 1.5cm

The unit weighs 80 grams

Not necessarily, the numbers are a large display so mounting it near your line of vision is good enough.

We have the HUD PLUS mounted in the right hand corner of the dash and we can still monitor our speed perfectly fine.

No you do not have to have it directly in your line of vision but if you do, the speed displays in a clear transparent image (in reflective mode), so you can see straight through it.

12 months replacement Warranty

The unit is $129.00 + P&H

The HUD PLUS is sent via Australia Post and a signature needs to be obtained upon delivery.

User Manual
HUD plus settings
How to turn the HUD plus into non reflective mode