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Mirror Mount Dash Camera Kit

Mirror Mount Dash Camera Kit

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mirror mount full time rear vision kit with dash camera all-in-one



Installing a dash camera is one of the best ways to protect yourself from accidents. However, if you wait until you’re in a bad accident before installing one, it could be too late. That’s why we created the RVM966 – a dash camera with a difference!

Our RVM966 is designed to replace or mount over your rear vision mirror. It has a camera that is built into the front of the mirror to record what is going on in front of you. It also comes with a rear camera which is great for vans & canopies where you can’t see out the mirror. The RVM966 will not only give you a live feed of what is going on behind you but it will record it as well.

So what are you waiting for?

  • Replace or mount over your rear vision mirror
  • Dash camera built into mirror monitor
  • comes with 7 metres of cable
  • Reverse camera also records
  • Great to use as a rear vision system where you cannot see anything in your Rear Vision Mirror
  • Front camera records in 1080P & rear camera records in 720P resolution
  • Reverse camera can be wired to trigger when the vehicle is in reverse
  • Less clutter on your windscreen
  • less noticeable
  • Shows compass, time, date & speed information on the mirror monitor
  • Can toggle between viewing front camera, rear camera, or split screen
  • Automatic loop recording function
  • Comes with SD card
  • Can take up to a 128GB micro SD card
  • Built in ultra-high brightness
  • 9.66″ touch LCD panel

New Features

  • The brand new RVM966 mirror & software can be flipped shifting the front camera to the mirror’s right-hand side
  • Download an app to watch the footage
  • Sentry Mode

Additional information

Weight 1.6 kg
Display Method:

Touch LCD


1280 x 320

Camera resolution

Front Camera: 1080P, Rear Camera: 720P AHD

Power Input

Max 32 Volt, Rear Camera: 5 Volt

File formats




Working current


Language Options

English, Japanese, Korean, Russian

Operating Temperature

-20° to 70°

Lens Angle


LCD Dimensions


Monitor Dimensions

(W) 257.66mm x (H) 72mm x (D) 41.07mm

Frames per second

25 FPS

Trigger wires

Yes – reverse trigger wire

Micro SD card input


Max SD Card Size


Warranty Period

2 years from date of purchase, physical goods only

Frequently Asked Questions

The RVM966 dash cam can be conveniently fitted into your present rear vision mirror bracket, facilitating easy installation and inconspicuous placement. However, in case it cannot substitute your rear vision mirror, it includes straps to securely mount it over the existing mirror of your vehicle.

7 Metres

Yes, in fact it is great for vans, work vehicles, utes with canopies and Motorhomes that have limited visibility from the rear vision mirror.

The RVM966 will also display time, date, direction you are travelling in and the current vehicle speed.

You can toggle between the front camera, rear camera and a split screen image (both cameras on at the same time). The monitor can also be programmed to turn off completely or go into power saving mode in case you don’t want to view the cameras on the screen and want to use it as a normal rear vision mirror.

The RVM966 will continuously record but the footage gets broken down into 3 minute intervals. Once the card is completely full, it will start to overwrite from the first lot of footage.

The RVM966 comes with a 64GB micro SD card but it will take up to a 256gb micro SD card which is great if you want to get more footage onto one card.

Simply tap the lock button on the screen to protect the current interval that is recording. This stops the highlighted footage from getting deleted when the card starts overwriting.

Just take the SD card out of the unit, pop it into your computer and drag and drop your videos on your computer. That’s it, no special software required.

Yes, this is a brand new feature of our enhanced RVM966. You can turn the mount the mirror upside down and flip all the software to suit so that the front camera is positioned on the right hand side.

User Manual
  • RVM955 installs