Paint Protection DIY Kit

Model No. Kit A

Paint Protection DIY Kit

Model No. Kit A

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Problem with everyday vehicles:

There are many light scratches that appear in the paintwork over time due to various external factors. Not only that but the painted surfaces become dull and lose its shine. The main reason that a vehicles paintwork corrodes over time is due to moisture, chemicals and UV rays.

Nanoshield provides a solution!

Nanoshield creates a protective barrier against harsh environmental elements.

Nanoshield provides an excellent finish, restoring that lovely mirror shine.

How does it do this?

Nanoshield paint protection is prepared from liquid polymers with the included nano-dispersed particles of the metal oxides. The Polymers mixture fills micro-cracks, scratches in painted surfaces and visually smooths them out after polishing, recovering the depth and saturation of the colour in painted surfaces.

Nano sized particles with high abrasion resistance properties prevail to protect the moving vehicle from external adverse factors on the exterior, such as, sand, dust, dirt etc. It forms an ultra-thin layer which protects the car from salt, road reagents, acids, bases, ultraviolet radiation and other aggressive environmental influences.

The formed coating also obtains excellent water repellent (hydrophobic properties) and prevents dirt accumulation on surfaces. When the vehicle is driving, dirt and water easily rolls off from surface body (also known as the ‘lotus effect’). So not only will it prevent dirt build up but makes it much easier the wash the exterior without detergent, prevents oxidisation and chemical degradation of paint layer.

How much do i need to use for a medium sized car?

You can use approx 3 ml per square metre. A medium size car is approx 12 square metres which will use up approx 36 ml of the bottle. You could potentially do 3 cars with one 100ml bottle or you could apply the paint protection to the same car 3 times.

In The Box 

1 x 100ml Bottle of Nanoshield paint protection

Polaris applicator

Clay sponge

1 x microfiber towel

The composition of the nanoshield is the following:


Name CAS Np. EINECS No. Content % Classification
Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008


Poly ethyl Silicate

REACH Pre-registration Number


11099-06-2 234-324-0 50.0 – 80.0 Eye Irrit. 2; H319
Hexyl Cinnamic Aldehyde, lilial Mixture   <0.01 Eye Irrit. 2; H319

The Hexyl Cinnamic Aldehyde, lilial is simply just an additive to give it the light fragrance.

Poly Ethyl silicate is used to deposit silicic acid formed as a result of complete hydrolysis. The resulting silicic acid bonds well to many inorganic substrates such as ceramic, fillers, glass, metal, pigments and synthetic fibres. The deposition of a thin Si02 layer improves the chemical/thermal stability and mechanical properties.

Easy application

creates a protective barrier against harsh environmental elements such as: dirt, oil, grime, acid rain, UV rays, Oxidisation

Gives your car a lovely mirror shine

reduces washing time