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7″ monitor kit to marry up to Polaris caravan camera


This kit is recommended if you have a Polaris caravan camera but have purchased a new vehicle and need a 7″ monitor and cabling for the car



Do you already have a Polaris camera on your caravan or trailer but nothing for the car? This kit will provide a 7″ monitor and all the cabling required for the car.

  • 7″ LCD
  • 7 metre extension cable
  • 2 metre car side of the WOZA kit with 4 pin chrome socket to mount on the back of your car

Do you also need the curly cord that goes in between car & van? Simply add it onto this kit.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg


Display Method:


Operating Temperature

-20° to 70°

Power Input

9-30 Volt

Video Form


Power Consumption


Camera Inputs

3 camera inputs

Reverse camera input

Polaris 4 PIN DIN (female)

Monitor Dimensions

(W) 18cm x (H) x 12cm x (D) 2.5cm

  • installed 7" monitor