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Wireless Recording Camera System

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Product Overview

Our new Wireless Camera Recording System is perfect for vehicles such as caravans and motorhomes, offering a 2.4G digital wireless receiver with a 200 meter range. It comes with an SD card and a 7″ monitor with an infrared camera, allowing you to capture high-quality footage and use it as a rear vision system. The system is easy to install and provides unmatched reliability and convenience for a worry-free driving experience.

  • 7″ Digital Colour LCD monitor
  • 2.4G wireless receiver module
  • Requires power to the camera and monitor but no cables in between
  • Records footage
  • Comes with an infrared camera
  • Comes with an SD card
  • Comes with 1 camera but can take up to 4 cameras in total


  • All wireless systems will get intermittent interference
  • Monitor and camera still require power

Additional information

Weight 1.00 kg

2.4G Digital wireless receiver module


2400-2483.5 MHz

Video Form



1024×600 IPS

Operating Temperature

-20° to 70°

Power Input

9-36 Volt

Camera resolution

Rear Camera: 720P

Lens Angle



0 Lux (Infrared)

IP Rating


Shock Rating


Frequently Asked Questions

The system still requires power to the camera and the monitor but you will not have to run any cables in between

Yes, all wireless systems are more likely to get intermittent interference than hardwired systems, which do not get interference.

Interference may mean the image might cut out from time to time or you may even pick up other CCTV footage if close enough to it’s receiver.

At the moment no, however, this will likely be an option in the future

Not as sold.

The monitor has a positive and negative wire which needs to be hardwired.

You can purchase a cigarette lighter from Jaycar and hardwire into a cigarette lighter adaptor so you can then plug it into the cigarette lighter.

Yes it will record and the kit comes with an SD card

200 metres

Yes, the range is quite large so it should be no issue installing the camera onto your caravan.

Generally we would pick up power from the tail lights on the back of a caravan.

Alternatively if you have a PowerPoint with a 12 volt plug somewhere at the back then you could pick up power from here as well.

Yes, you can choose the suction bracket as an add-on before adding to cart.

Yes. The kit comes with 1 camera and you can add another 3 to make up 4 cameras in total?

Yes, it can show you all cameras at once or individually.