Mirror Monitor Dash Camera

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    • Mirror Mount Dual Dash Cam


      Get the best of both worlds with a Rear Vision camera and dash cam all in one.
      Should you ever be unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident you can be rest assured that the Polaris RVM966 has captured it all in crystal clear footage.
      The Polaris RVM966 is designed to replace or clip over your rear vision mirror which means less clutter on your dashboard.
      It comes with a 32GB micro SD card but you can insert up to a massive 256GB – now that’s alot of recording time!

      The RVM966 is also perfect for work vans or vehicles with work trays where you cannot see out of your rear vision mirror. You will have clear vision from the rear camera coming through on the mirror.

      • Replaces your rear vision mirror*
      • Dash camera built into mirror monitor
      • Reverse camera option available
      • Reverse Camera comes with 14 metres of cable!
      • Reverse camera also records
      • Great to use as a rear vision system where you cannot see anything in your Rear Vision mirror
      • Front camera records in 1080P & rear camera records in 720P resolution
      • Reverse camera can be wired to trigger when vehicle is in reverse
      • Less clutter on your windscreen
      • less noticeable
      • Shows compass, time, date & speed information on the mirror monitor
      • Can toggle between viewing front camera, rear camera or split screen
      • Can program monitor to turn off so that you can view as a normal rear vision mirror
      • Automatic loop recording function
      • Comes with a 32GB SD card
      • Can take up to a 128GB micro SD card
      • Built in ultra high brightness
      • 9.66″ touch LCD panel

      * Will replace most rear vision mirrors 

      • Comes with a 32GB SD card
      • Can take up to a 256GB micro SD card
      • Built in ultra high brightness
      • 9.66″ touch LCD panel
      • Maximum input power: 32Volt
      • Resolution 1280 * 320
      • Front camera records in 1080P
      • Reverse camera records in 720P
      • Clear silver glass / Anti glare coating
      • Video format: .MOV
      • Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
      • Working current 700mA
      • Language options: English, Korean, Japanese, Russian
      • Operating Temperature: -20
      • Monitor dimensions (W) 257.66mm x (H) 72mm x (D) 41.07mm
      Whats in the box
      • Mirror monitor
      • Wiring Harness
      • Installation Bracket
      • GPS Antenna
      • Rubber straps for mounting over your existing mirror
      • User manual
      • Rear Camera (optional extra)
      • 10 metre cable to suit Rear Camera (optional)

      Additional information

      Mirror monitor Dash Camera

      No Reverse Camera required, Yes please include reverse camera

      Model No. RVM966

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